Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Me being Me

Sometimes while writing I tend to be a little cryptic and do not say exactly what I was thinking. ( I know few of you are going "duh.")
Some of the outcomes(comments) on what I expect others to respond is not even close to what I was talking about. When things like this occur, I worry that maybe my communications skills are lacking somewhere. It really should not bother me, but it does.

Now, after reading this, do not try to find a hidden meaning in my posts. There really isn't one. I just can't tell you everything about me for two main reasons,

A) OPSEC - Operation Security - There are bad guys and gals out there wanting to do bad things to other people.

B) Self Worth - Wanting to get to know me, for me. If I tell you everything, then why would you want to meet me? It is better to keep a few secrets for the encounter.

On another note(Mi maybe La),
Well Wishes for everyone's Thanksgiving.