Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Valders Journal

I know the majority of my readers have no clue what the "Valders Journal" is and no idea where in the world Valders may be. Well, it is a small village about the center of Manitowoc County in Wisconsin. Did that help? How about 10 miles west of Manitowoc by way of US Highway 151? That should help you find it a bit easier. The Valders Journal is the paper for that village.
Simple. Now the tough questions are answered.

I receive the Journal about two to three weeks after the printing. Oh wait, I didn't tell you the obvious answer, this is where I am from. So this paper, that I receive about half a month late, is always filled with something interesting. I like to look at this as the local news with pizazz and small town humor. The writing is superb and I know they have won awards so don't take this too lightly.

There are many times in which I really, really want to write an editorial. But I suppose it may be my better judgement that stops me. If you haven't figured it out, I have a lot of opinions.

There is always a part of the second page that talks about "today's" history, which I think is important, even though sometimes the facts are one sided sometimes. Of course, I get to keep up on the high school sports and see the progress through the seasons. "News of Record" tells of tragedy and heartache. The Outdoor Report gets a laugh on occasion with his Olga and Swen jokes.(If you don't know, just nod and grin.) The part that I seem to always enjoy is this opinion article by Gregg Novacheck titled "What the Parrot Saw." His writing style to me seems similar to mine. Very funny stuff and to me is the paper seller.