Friday, November 16, 2007

Cross Your Fingers and Toes

I will be testing out for my Green Belt tomorrow night. I am still having problems with a few moves that are similar in each of the belts.

Testing is simple really. The instructor will pick five random techniques from both the previous belts in which I can miss only one(out of the ten). After passing that I may proceed with the Green belt test with all the techniques, twenty seven or twenty eight.

I have been soliciting help from another instructor during my "off time" the last few days. The wacky part is I don't fuck up when I practice with him. So it looks like I know what I am doing. Then class starts and I fuck up.

So I have one more day of class with practicing(which is tonight), then tomorrow is the test. Worst case scenario is when being the "dummy" for the other person a bone breaks. I am not too worried, I have been in pain pretty much constantly since we started.

I guess what I am asking is, cross a finger or two in the next few days and hope I pass this test.

Thank you.