Thursday, November 22, 2007

Changes for Fun

I have been doing some more changes to this blog,little things, really. I have added some charities that have helped in a magnitude that I cannot express in words. Should be the third thing down the side there. I am sure there are many others, but these were the ones that directly impacted my life and the lives of my Marines.

I changed my aviator(the picture associated with my user name) to a logo that one of the Marines here drew and painted with is hung by a tori(it sounds like that, not sure of the spelling). The tori is made out of anti-aircraft gun barrels, in which some more Marines made possible. I am sure you can't tell, but the picture is of two separate wolverines. You may have to cock your head a bit to get the idea.

It may sound stupid but I am trying to get people to write a comment in my guestbook on my website. This is why I think it may be stupid, I have a blog and you can comment here. I try to consider the two separate, which is the "why" and people visit the blog or the website for usually completely different reasons. I link both of them together, but the website is really the true story of my life via pictures. This is the story with words and interactions with words. Maybe I just confused my audience here, bottom line is I want a comment for the website.