Monday, November 26, 2007

Word Verification

If you have commented here before you know that I do not have a word verification. (In fact, I don't use Blogger for my comments at all.) There are many(bloggers) that do. And I would venture a guess that 95 percent have a word verification. Why?

I know what it is for, but does anyone really have a problem with this? This = "robots" leaving unwanted messages of his or her blog. I don't know anyone with this problem.

I did have this problem with a guestbook I had for my website, but I was using php and I have now corrected that problem.

Here is the next point, where are the words? I can't remember a time where there was a word. It was just a jumbled mess of letters and sometimes numbers. Why even call it a word verification if there are no words?

The last point or statement or question is: Let's all get rid of this waste of time. Say "No" to word verification.

That is my story and I sticking with it.