Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Takes a Lick'n and Keeps On....

I have this watch that has a leather wrist strap, gold bezel, white face, has the day and date, indiglo, and is analog. My current watch I bought from Wally World for about thirty five bucks just before coming out here. Here is the funny part, this is the fourth time I bought this watch. It seems I "re-buy" this watch ever year or so.

I have never really liked digital watches. I believe that having an analog watch says something about a person. Maybe it really doesn't mean anything is different about another person , but I think it does.

My watch is bent in funny spots and the wrist strap is dying a slow horrible death. So when I get back, I will probably go back to the World of Wally and buy this watch again for thirty five bucks.