Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Busy Thursday(ish), Part II

The day is not done but the major hurdles are. I did not get quality sleep like I meant to do prior to my PFT. I did, however, perform a First Class. It is not a high one, but first class the same. I was also a afforded the opportunity to weigh-in which would have been done at 0800 the following day. It is confirmed I gained thirty pounds since arriving in Iraq. People keep telling me I don't look fat, but I still feel that way. I did not, however(pause for effect), make it to the Post Office. So I will still have to make that trek tomorrow or the next day. I probably got about two good hours of sleep afterwards, I probably need ten. (I am not a spring chicken anymore.) I got to work, did my shift change, and sent the day crew "home." I held my meeting and now I am chugging coffee at a new rate which will most likely cause me to sleep crappy again tomorrow.