Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Five of My Favorite Gifts of All Time

Rev Kim tagged for me this meme, to "name five of your favorite all time gifts. Either given or gotten." I am game for it, but this will be a tough one, okay.

One) A fire truck. Not just any type of fire truck but a fire truck I could drive(pedal). I would have to say I was five maybe four, hard to say. Yeah, that one was awesome.

Two) A Green Bay Packer cribbage board. Two things I enjoy in one present, what is not to like.

Three) Green Bay Packer Stadium Blanket. The darn thing comes in handy in all sorts of places. (In my adult years I have gotten pretty easy to shop for.)

Four) Leatherman Kick. Two years ago, in Japan, at the avionics Christmas Party. I use it everyday.

Five) A kiss. Christmas 2004.

I will tag everyone I didn't give a gift to in the last thirty years. (That should cover the blog sphere.)