Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

The first thing that comes to mind is a religious connotation. Maybe when Jesus died on the cross or something along those lines. That does not seem the case here. No, what it is, is the start of "holiday" shopping. Is that stupid?

Holiday shopping = whichever holiday you shop for

I think it was originally Christmas shopping, then America added Santa Claus. Then we added political correctness. Then we added (forgive me Mel) California. Then we added, “we are too damn sensitive and on drugs to understand what the reason is to give materialistic items to our children." Then we added GWOT.

Black Friday has its own website, I am not endorsing it, I am just showing the level at which this has come.

I am not trying to end it. I am not trying to bash Californians (really). I am not trying to do anything.

While I am here, abroad, I wonder what kind of chaos ensures the American public. What kind of fever runs the veins of those who could really care less of the purpose of their time off work or school?

I just don't understand anymore.