Friday, November 16, 2007

One Possible Outcome in the States

I might get back find a permanent place to stay with a week or so. I do my job for the first few weeks, which is really catching up on all the training I didn't do in Iraq. Most of it is not my favorite things to do, but it must be done. Go on a leave period of 15 days.

While on leave travel north through DC to Baltimore and visit an old friend from when I was stationed in Yuma. Then skirt over and through PA to Youngstown, Ohio and visit with another friend from my days in Millingtion. Take a break in Chicago and shoot north and visit with my folks in Valders. While there I will probably renew my driver's license and find some of my old things that are no doubt collecting dust in the basement. After five or six days it will be time to head south again.

I might stop in Rockford and say hello to a friend I went to boot camp together, we reconnected on MySpace of all places. Then head cross ways through Ohio so I can take the mountains in West Virginia and see if the corridor is finished on I-77. On my way down, I may stop in Asheville and tour the castle there.

Once arriving back to base, I will most likely pick up my uniforms fro the dry cleaners and inspect them since it will be a month away and I will proceed to my Resident course.

Once I am done with that I will most likely take leave again and head to Yuma and probably donate my truck that is there.

Then again, I may do something completely different.