Sunday, December 02, 2007


I have been looking at DCups photos on and off the last few days or so and finally said "what the heck." (Well, it probably was something like that.) I figure sure I can do this flicker thing like her; I am smarter than a box of rocks.

Maybe I am smarter than a limestone but not marble. You get my meaning. I ready to to say fuck it. I mean hell, I have a whole website with hundreds of photos with all sorts of great commentary over the past decade(this where you say, man you are old).

Why can't I get this stupid thing to work? My "home" at Flickr is just pissing me off. I am fixn' to delete the whole thing.

I want to be cool, you know, not get picked last. I am sure it is one piece of code that just sort of disappeared and is eluding me at the moment (half the night).