Thursday, December 06, 2007


A while ago(a few years) I had this "head mate"(shared a bathroom) that made a bet with me that he was smarter than I. We were and are fierce competitors and drinkers of fine beer. So this the short of this story.

The gamble was loser pays for dinner meals for a month and will always be considered not as smart(dumb as a box of rocks) amongst the players. The verification was a test proctored by a member of Mensa also a good friend of ours (at the cost of two hundred fifty dollars each). We were serious about this. The night prior we went drink for drink. This where the challenge came into play and you could say that was not smart. We were both late to the test. Since we were the only ones taking the test(at a local college) they waited. I will give props to my friend who finished this test two minutes before me. I scored one point higher than him.

I did not qualify for Mensa. But who cares, I got free meals for a month and he will always be as dumb as a box of rocks.