Monday, December 31, 2007

3 Sides to Every Coin

Somehow along the line, I have been splitting into the different parts that make me, me. I am going to have to change my blog roll again because the blogs of interest keeps growing. I am currently torn between adding a bunch or splitting up a few in different categories. The problems are not everyone fits into a nifty category.

I am mean look at this blog, what category do I fit in?

I could go into specific examples on why this blog is this way or that way, I am declaring LIFE is the category. Now that I am done with myself it should be downhill from here, right?

I figure there is a heads, a tails, and that other side that is all ribbed or smooth. The side that seems to change from one type to another or evolves over time.

Either you just understood what I said or you didn't. Regardless, in the next few days I will be rearranging some stuff and changing the blog roll somehow.

Suggestions are welcome.