Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Money, Part II

I did an earlier post about how much I make and wanted to know a some comparisons. Kind of like for shits and giggles. When ever I have a bad day, like today, sometimes the money thing makes me feel better. Like I get paid to get my ass chewed, type feeling. I know doesn't sound good does it? Well, it looks like I was right on the money(ha ha) when I said a I was going to make about 37 thousand this year. Because I was feeling not myself, I looked up my first year, I made seven thousand eight hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-seven cents. So if you did the math in a little more than a decade my pay increased by more than 500 percent! I am trying to make myself feel better can you tell? The key to high pay is I am not getting taxed this year. The number would be much lower if I was and my first year total is the gross as well.