Friday, December 14, 2007

Hypothetical Solution to Everything

I have solved the problem with government. Selective service. Everyone 18 or older will be put in a hat, then once every two years a new name gets picked for each respective position.
The beauty is everyone gets to fuck up the country, an equal opportunity environment. I figure there is no difference with what we have now and since opinions are like assholes this will work well. The people who say 'you can't let so and so run the country' there is an opposite person named so and so who also say the same thing about the first people. A + B = C and B + A = C

Think about it like this, the person who is a president for a village board for some town in middle America has what qualifications. Probably has a steady job and once a month meets with others like him who were elected to "run" this town for like an extra two grand a year. Probably not a lawyer and most of the people in this town probably don't even know what he looks like. This guy doesn't do it for the money, he does it because he thinks he can make a difference in making lives in that small town better for everyone.

Why is "big" government not this way?