Friday, December 14, 2007

Power Curve

While I write about little things in life that are not always important and I throw my humor into almost everything I write, I always feel I am behind the power curve somehow.

The world I live in has free people, they are walking around everywhere. And you've guess it men and women. You could say it is a lottery winner bonanza. Everyone here has won.

Okay, so you are saying the world has free people in it? I am saying Americans are free, so not to confuse the audience, in this post I am referring to the good ol' American public. So now that is out of the way let us continue.

In the area I work in, there are lots of tough times that require some tough calls. Nothing is personal but feelings can get hurt if you are not a thick skinned individual. I grew up in a world of sarcasms, so if you would meet me and I come off as an asshole, I probably am. I didn't join to make friends.

Often while viewing others thoughts via the web I get an impression that that I don't live in a free society and then I feel bad. Why would I, the asshole, feel bad you may say. Well my job is directly related to the free America.

I have been trying really hard to "enjoy" the holiday season, but it seems when looking to the states for news and encouragement, all I get is resentment and distaste.