Monday, December 03, 2007

What I Can and May Say.

This a free country. Meaning the United States of America is a free country. I am in the Marine Corps, I have never hidden that fact. Now, since I am in the armed forces there are some things I am just not allowed to say. As a private citizen I am afforded all the rights that every law abiding citizen of the United States of America (USA) has. As a Marine, there is a fine line of politics that is very easily crossed and I try very hard not to. Since I write on a blog and it is very easily taken out of context, I don't voice on opinion one way or the other. I am not allowed to campaign, speak ill of politicians, nor am I allowed to voice my opinions while in uniform.

So, if you ask for me to answer questions pertaining the "war" or a particular politician, I will most likely ignore it and not answer it.

I like my rank. I would like to keep it. Maybe even pick up a rank, that sounds good. Pick up a rank and have a beer. Better yet, pick up a rank, have a beer, and have friends with me to enjoy it.