Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fun with Navy Medicine, Part II

I am basically falling apart. My left wrist has been in constant pain for about seven weeks now. Today finally like the an epiphany came over the corpsman they say lets get some x-rays. "We" do not have any cool do-dads or gizmos, I have to go over to the Army get my x-rays and I have to say they do have some nifty stuff. Didn't stop the Army soldier from contorting my wrist in funny positions though.

According to the radiologist report nothing is bad. So that is good. The problem lies with the pain factor. Navy medicine only has Motrin, I have been taking Motrin for seven weeks and guess what the pain is still there. This should come as no surprise to anyone who actually knows what Motrin is used for. I and yes, it is not healthy to take Motrin for that long. It would have been better for them to give me a sugar pill and telling me it was Vicadin.

On a side note, the above picture is a copy of my x-rays from this morning.