Sunday, December 02, 2007

God, Part 2b

----I already did a post on God when I first started this blog and I also did a follow-up in which is not posted here on this blog, so when titling this post you can convey the dismay.----

My belief is man (of course enter the appropriate noun for your cranium because it would hurt my fucking feelings that I didn't abide by your fucking stupid word choice that has no bearing on what I am really trying to fucking say here) has four kinds of souls; 2 basic types of souls with two sub categories for each. There is the saved and the damned.

In the saved category you have those that preach the word of their* God and those who by default are saved just because they have lived a good natural life whether they believe or not.

In the damned category you have warriors of God and warriors of evil. If feel there is no point in explained what evil is and who or what God is for the purpose of this discussion so I will continue from here. The warriors of which ever "side" has and does take on the offense to do some deed that will keep this soul from being saved.

Now that I have solved the mysteries of life right here for everyone, let's all pause and have a beer.

Note: If you do not believe in any of the bologna that I just posted that is okay you don't have to. That is the beauty of "free will."