Thursday, December 27, 2007

So You Are About to be Deployed

So you're about to be deployed for seven, nine, twelve or fourteen months to some barren waste land on the other side of the globe with no Wally's World or Mic Dicks within MRAP distance. What can you bring to make your time more enjoyable?

I am so glad you asked, I have some suggestions. (The following are just that suggestions that worked for me or for the ones I work with. No guarantees on your experience.)

Condoms - No not for sex, because "no one here is allowed to have sex," condoms are great for stopping unwanted particles entering your rifle through the barrel or the magazine chamber when not outside the wire. Also, ladies, condoms help keep your vibrators stay nice and clean.

ID holder - I used the one in the link, but you may want to use an armband version, either way you will want to use something that is handy to carry your ID, a little cash, a key and can be secured to your person somehow.

M9 Holster - You can find some leather holster out here but you may want to find something that is more comfortable to you and your equipment. There are some who are content with what they were issued, most use an after market holster. The style in the link is the most common.

MP3 player - Whether it is an iPod or Zune or something else, tunes always make the day go by a little faster.

Video Game Consoles - If you are one that is not going to be outside the wire constantly, this is a good time waster. I brought a laptop, but almost everyone has something.

Alarm Clock - Just because some days you don't want to get up.

Ziploc bags - The "color seal" is nice to have and a kind of guarantee that it is closed. Ziplocs are handy all the time. It won't take long before you realize what a gem they are.

The three things I always deploy with are: a feather pillow, sleep mask, a cotton blanket. Call me crazy, but to me it is the essentials.

Good luck with your adventure.