Saturday, December 15, 2007

Preferred Mode of Travel

This is my mode of travel throughout most of the base here. The headlamp and reflective belt are mandatory items for night riders such as myself. The rear lamp in my opinion is a must for night riders. Your day gets progressively worse if you are run over by a convoy of 7-tons (big truck that weighs seven tons empty and with no armor) or water trucks.
The next souls to occupy the base will need to buy some new bikes. I have been through eight front wheels, three frames, four back tires (repacked the bearings twice), six pedals, and two seats. Parts have become hard to come by. I have modified a few parts to get me to the end of this deployment and I would be happy to get five bucks out of it by the time I leave. Rear tires are the scarce piece, so if you would be coming this way I would bring two back tires from a junk yard, so you could keep one for yourself and trade the other for the rest of the bike.
I am sure I look funny when riding down the boulevard with my interceptor vest(the "bullet proof" thingy) and Kevlar (helmet). There are few of us that travel with bikes.