Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thinking About Presidental History

Being the history fan that I am, I was thinking about US Presidents in history. Who are the Presidents that we remember?

We remember the ones during war and the ones that were assassinated or both. Really, think about it for moment.

Why is that? Why do we as Americans forget the Presidents in between our wars or the ones that lived beyond their presidency?

I always enjoy asking people if they know their four generals that became Presidents and which ones are on our legal tender. You would be surprised to find out that most people I ask can not come up with the answer. The responses are usually two of the generals and can think of only one who is on our money.

Here is a couple of questions and an answers for everyone:
1) President Truman signed an important piece of legislation for women in 1948, what was it?
2) Who was the first President to fly in a helicopter?
3) Which President was the only one to earn a PhD?
4) Which President delivered the shortest inaugural address?
5) The "Baby Ruth" candy bar was named for which President's daughter?
6) Which President slept in pajamas with five stars sewn on to the shoulder?
7) Which President from the 20th century is on Mount Rushmore?
8) Which Presidents signed the Declaration of Independence?
9)Who was the only Rhodes Scholar amongst the Presidents?
10) Which President was the first to have been a POW(Prisoner of War)?

1a) Women's Armed Services Integration Act, which authorized women to serve in the organized services(military).
2a) President Eisenhower
3a)President Woodrow Wilson (John Hopkins 1886)
4a) President George Washington, 135 words
5a) President Grover Cleveland, Ruth Cleveland
6a) President Dwight D. Eisenhower
7a) President Theodore Roosevelt
8a) Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
9a) President William Clinton
10a) Andrew Jackson, Revolutionary War