Sunday, December 09, 2007


I am what you would call a heathen. This is why:

I am divorced. (3 times)
I have lied in the past. (A white lie and 2 fibs)
I have had sex out of wedlock.
I have been gluttonous.(I weigh about ten pounds over my healthy weight.)
I drink beer. ("In heaven there is no beer, That is why we drink it here.")
I have purposely tried and succeeded to hurt people. (They were all bad.)
I have used the lord's name in vain. (for both pain and pleasure)
I have taken items that were not mine. (When I was five I took a Tootsie Pop from the store without paying.)
I do not attend church services regularly.
I do not give ten percent to any church. (I instead invest ten percent for retirement.)
I have worshiped other gods. ( I have dabbled in many other beliefs.)
I have had envy for other people. (American society helps that sin to the nth degree.)
I have never truly confessed my sins to God, but I have to one woman who scorned me.
I am an extremist when it comes to my belief in the Corps.

I do not ask for forgiveness, I do not ask for grief, I do not ask for justification.
This is who I am.