Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fun with Navy Medicine, Part IV

Typing is a little harder to do with this thing on my arm/hand. So if it looks like the number of posts dropped from me, then a duh factor should be applied.

When I try to stray away from a politically comment, the following my be construed as one. It is not, it is an opinion.

I keep reading about universal health care for the US. I think it is a bad idea. In essence, I have universal health care while being in the military. Yes, I am seen when I have a problem, but I have learned to go when I really, really need to go see a doctor. Just because, I am seeing a doctor doesn't mean this doctor is a general practitioner, but he or she is a doctor of something. There are speciality doctors placed in the correct speciality, but to be seen in one, you have to go through "your" unit doctor and that means he or she may not think you need to go. That equates to fun. Also, in my opinion, every doctor I have seen seems to think everyone is a hypochondriac. So while you are telling your problems or showing or whatever, the care provider thinks you are lying. Yea. And God forgive you if you think you know what you need and tell the provider, because they will promptly let you know that they are the doctor not you.

I am just saying that I think universal health care is a bad idea. Let us think of something else.